Monday, June 24, 2024

A Suitcase Full of Books: Visit All Four Edgar Allan Poe Houses & Interview with Author Sharon Pajka

I love following A Suitcase Full of Books and all her literary travels. Here's her visit to all four of Edgar Allan Poe Houses with a couple cemeteries added. I had such a nice time chatting with her about Poe and I adore supporting other content creators!  
Come with me to visit all four Edgar Allan Poe house museums on the Eastern Seaboard in Richmond, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York City, New York. Along the way we'll learn about Poe and his writing with help from Sharon Pajka, the author of The Souls Close to Edgar Allan Poe. Read the corresponding blog post at A Suitcase Full of Books about this experience: Locations: Poe Statue, Boston, MA Poe Museum, Richmond, VA ( Poe in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD ( Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA ( Poe Cottage, NYC, NY ( CORRECTION: The Raven was NOT written at the Poe Cottage in NYC, it was written at the Brennan farm on the upper west side. Other links: Philadelphia Poe House photographs (Photo Gallery (U.S. National Park Service) ( BLOG:

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