Saturday, September 13, 2014

dreams come to fruition

It has been a long nerve-racking day! For most of the morning I was so nervous that I just knew I would vomit. Today was my first official cemetery tour for my boss who essentially decided that after taking a class on Richmond, VA history for ten weeks beginning in January, shadowing other tour guides, researching and writing my own script, revising my work based on feedback, and finally today giving an actual tour that I am official! I even received the passwords! Gwee!

This has actually been years in the making at least in my hopes and dreams.

After the 90 minute tour which went a tad bit long because my boss is actually quite cool and I enjoy chatting with him even though he was supposed to be in character of a random tourist, we headed over to a local cafe and had a nice long chat... like a nearly two hour chat. So all my anxiety, the actual tour, and the coming-down-from have consumed my day (in a good way).