Thursday, November 2, 2023

Cemeteries, Ghosts, and Newspapers Oh My! I'm going to have another book!

My third book, provisionally entitled *Haunted Cemeteries of Virginia,* was accepted for publication this morning by the Editorial Board of The History Press to be published in 2025. 

I'm extremely excited about sharing documented Virginia folklore AND newspaper reports of "ghosts" in cemeteries. These ghost stories recount historic tragedies, unjust parts of history, and even share comical tales of what happens when locals take a shortcut through sacred grounds. 

I've added two teasers of newspaper clippings below-- the Hollywood Cemetery ghost saga from 1870 (it's a rather sad story about a woman whose betrothed was killed in the Richmond Capitol Disaster); 

(Alexandria Gazette, June 15, 1870)
and, the Thornrose Cemetery ghost saga in 1952 that turned out to be a monkey! (which nods to the 1906 cold case of circus performer Eva Clark who performed in the Cole’s Brothers Circus that traveled through Staunton where she was murdered). 
(The Roanoke Times, Sep 21 1951)
Just another excuse to travel to so many Virginia cemeteries!

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