Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I received a marketing kit!

I received a marketing kit from Arcadia Publishing today! I'm feeling very excited about this book launch because it is so close to my heart. My father is a newspaper reader. He still subscribes to the daily news, and he still puts stars and underlines throughout the printed pages. If reporters aren’t careful, he will point out their spelling and grammar mistakes as well. As I was growing up, Dad would clip articles or set pages out for me to read. He still does this and I’m fortunate to have found a partner who also does this. Having personal readers is huge! I still have my teenage self’s Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems and it is stuffed with newspaper articles with Dad’s notorious red ink from his ballpoint pen. It may be my age but there is just something magical about paper. It's so tangible.

For my first book, I didn't receive a kit. No one gathered for book releases in 2021. While I had some amazing experiences with my book release, this one feels different. What a difference a couple years makes.

In my previous post, I shared a Google map of all the places I traveled connected to this book. I cannot wait to get nerdy about these souls close to Poe. I have listed several of the in-person places that I will be doing book signings but I'm also pretty excited about planning a virtual book tour where I'll be speaking with podcast hosts and bloggers. More details will be posted soon. I'm just two months away from the release!

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