Monday, September 4, 2017

Enrichmond's Evergreen Cemetery Community Survey

The Enrichmond Foundation’s mission is to serve the people, parks, and public spaces of the City of Richmond. They also act as an umbrella non-profit organization for volunteer groups and Friends’ groups. For example, The Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery is a partner organization of the Enrichmond Foundation

Along with the $400,000 funds set aside by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation to create a conservation easement that would maintain the property as a public cemetery, The Enrichmond Foundation purchased Evergreen Cemetery this summer with the hopes of restoring the grounds to their past glory. I cannot wait to see all the volunteer efforts come to fruition.

Here is your chance to voice your thoughts. The Enrichmond Foundation has created The Evergreen Cemetery Community Survey to solicit public feedback. It is for anyone who would like to give general feedback regarding the cemetery. Even if you have not yet visited Evergreen Cemetery, you are encouraged to give feedback based on your experiences at other cemeteries. The survey is short and requires no more than ten minutes of your time to answer.

To access the survey, click the picture of their post below.

For more information on Evergreen Cemetery, see my post (click here). 

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