Sunday, August 20, 2023

Poe News and Poe Party Attire

I hold onto things-- old newspaper articles from my dad where he's circled and starred passages that he knows I will enjoy reading. I married a man who does the same thing. I love it. Having a personal reader is so incredibly meaningful. 

Today I have a book release event and my outfit includes newspaper articles because I would not have The Souls Close to Edgar Allan Poe: Graves of his family, friends, and foes without my dad clipping all those articles for me. I created a newspaper headline along with a description of my outfit (because it might be easier for people to read than for me to describe). I used a red pen to circle and star the passage just like Dad did; just like he still does. Well, except he uses a ballpoint and this is a Sharpie. My outfit can only be but so authentic. 

I tried to explain to Dad how meaningful that it is to have a personal reader- to have grown up with one and to have married one. Someone who shares stories and information, someone who knows enough about your interests and cares enough to take the time to share these stories. I understand what my father was profound. He just does not understand what clipping all those newspaper articles meant to me. He understands that he was sharing information but he does not quite see how much love is still wrapped up into those newspaper articles. And that's okay because I understand what it means.

This is the biggest party that I’ve ever thrown- more expensive than a wedding. It's being held at the Poe Museum in Richmond. In some ways, it’s much more personal than a wedding or a birthday bash. I’m reminding my 15-year-old inner-teen that everything she thought, felt, and dreamed about mattered then and still matters now. 

I'm excited and overwhelmed about the day. Thirty of my closest local-ish friends are coming to my party.  It's going to be over in a blink but I hope that I look back on today with so much love and happiness. 

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