Friday, July 14, 2023

Book release signing table decor and a craft project

Today’s craft project included a focus on my book release signing table, which will be a nod to the Poe Toaster from yesteryears. Yes it’s a prop and not at all authentic (the lace is to cover the bat on top of the tombstone prop which I already had in the house and the roses are not real- I’m still fussy they’re too big) but I knew if I got the cognac wrong some Poe enthusiasts would mutter. The only problem is that the Poe Toaster’s brand does not come in mini bottles in my region so a girl’s gotta improvise. 

Shout out to my local ABC who let me take a picture of the Martell label so I could shrink it down for my mini bottle. 

Don’t worry, I promise to take a sip before my book signings so it looks even more legit 🤓

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