Monday, July 5, 2021

Cemetery with a Gothic church that was destroyed by tornado and then rebuilt in 1880


This week, I stopped by Cove Presbyterian Church, which is located approximately 20 minutes south of Charlottesville on Rt 29. You can see the Gothic revival church from the road. I've seen it a few times but never made time to stop. It's completely worth a stop!

The Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, June 22, 1880.
The church congregation was established in 1769 with the first church structure being a log cabin. A brick church was built in 1809 and then in 1880, a tornado hit and destroyed the church. Renovations began immediately. 

Above front door reads, “Built in 1808. Destroyed & Rebuilt in 1880.” The National Register of Historic Places form reads, "On the 12th of June 1880 there passed over the Cove neighborhood a terrific storm of wind and raining amounting to a tornado... Cove Church was blown down and made almost a complete reck [sic]. The work of rebuilding was was as far completed as to enable us to use it January 23d. 1881-- that being the fourth sabbath." That would probably be a bit much to fit above the door.

The grave of Eunice Ames (left).
There is a small cemetery on the church property with the oldest stone appearing to be one belonging to Eunice Ames with her death dating to 1843.

Per the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form, the church was segregated by both race and gender. White men were seated to the north with white women to the south. Black members were seated in the gallery.


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