Sunday, April 11, 2021 announcement- Women Writers Buried in Virginia Cemeteries...

 “If there's a book that you want to read,

but it hasn't been written yet,

then you must write it.”

- Toni Morrison

I love cemetery maps and visitor guides and I have quite a collection. They’re heavily focused on military heroes, founding fathers, political leaders, and the who’s who in that region’s history. I quickly scan guides to find the famous or infamous females who helped build a region’s history. More often than not, from the dozens of entries, there are usually only a few women mentioned rendering the majority of women invisible. Women’s history should not be limited to a specialty tour.

In 2020, I made a point to create my own guidebook. When cemetery tours were suspended for COVID-19, I started doing research and traveling to cemeteries across the state of Virginia. 

I’m super proud to share that my book project provisionally entitled Women Writers Buried in Virginia Cemeteries was accepted for publication by the editorial board for The History Press/ Arcadia Publishing. As of last Thursday, I’m officially under contract.

The book features forty women writers buried in twenty-two Virginia cemeteries. It is scheduled to be published by Women’s History Month (March 2022).


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